At the riding office, the majority of cases we get are related to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Here are the most frequent issues:

  • Difficulty contacting an agent to get information on an ongoing case
  • Long delays in a familial reunification process, notably with visa offices in Africa
  • A denial for visitor visas for parents and grand-parents
  • Administrative deadlock in a sponsorship process
  • Renewal of a work permit
  • Expiration of medical records and a renewal notice for medical documents

Practical tips

We suggest you to get well informed regarding your rights and available procedures before engaging with Citizenship and Immigration.

For information on immigration programs, please consult their website.

In our riding and across Canada, there are community organizations whose mission is to guide people in their immigration process. We can direct you to these organizations.

Are your experiencing issues with your immigration application?

If you have questions related to your application, or if you’re experiencing issues in the process of your application, do not hesitate to contact us.

Members of our team can ask for information to Citizenship and Immigration rearding your application. When we notice an administrative deadlock, we flag it to the officials in question.